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about belize

» where is belize?
» how large is belize?
» what about drinking water?
» what is the electrical voltage?
» what about crime?
» may firearms be taken into or out of belize?
» what about drugs?
q where is belize?
a belize is located in the western caribbean just below the yucatan peninsula of mexico. guatemala borders belize from the west and mexico from the north.

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q how large is belize?
a belize is approximately 8,866 square miles. its mainland is approximately 180 miles long and up to 68 miles wide.

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q what about drinking water?
a bottled water is available throughout belize. major towns have chlorinated water. some small villages rely on rainwater for drinking, you should not. do not drink water that has not been treated. hotels will have bottled drinking water. water from municipalities is chlorinated and aerated. it is recommended that you buy purified bottled water in gallons, which can usually be refilled for about us$.50.

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q what is the electrical voltage?
a in belize electricity is supplied at 110 volts, 60 hz., which is the same as the standard u.s. service.

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q what about crime?
a the people of belize understand that tourism is a big part of the economy, so crimes against tourists are not common. but to be on the safe side, be cautious, do not leave your possessions alone, and do not walk alone or at night in unknown parts.

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q may firearms be taken into or out of belize?
a it is illegal to take firearms into or out of belize.

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q what about drugs?
a illegal drugs in belize are punishable with strict laws, prison terms and fines. 

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