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photo gallery

waterside photos

pre-construction photos taken as the roads were being opened within the community.  note the size and extraordinary quantity of beautiful palm trees, hardwood trees and lush vegetation.

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la ruta maya

belize river challenge

four day race that follows the same route the mayans followed.

la ruta maya

belize river challenge



meandering belize river

canoeing on the belize river

canoeing on the belize river

belize river leading out to the caribbean

river at the sebastian bridge

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According to a statement by Amazon, it has 12,000 employees around the world dedicated to protecting its stores from fraud and abuse, including fake reviews. A dedicated team investigates fake review schemes on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and regularly reports the abusive groups to those companies. However, it looks like the problem continues to persist: there still exist thousands of groups on Facebook, Discord and Telegram where fake reviews are brokered. And like Oak's study showed, Amazon is not able to rapidly block malicious products and sellers from its platform. Reviews are important in countering fake claims or scams; we read reviews to assess the quality and durability of a product through genuine first-hand accounts. But fake reviews that are hard to detect are indeed concerning. Social media, e-commerce platforms, law enforcement and vigilant consumers must work together to purge fraudulent reviews.

We accept that the impact of this may be some figures which understate actual totals. Our methodology page explains estimations further.

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a place to stay, close to waterside and also on the belize river.

belize habour and seaside photos

cruise ship tourist village

cruise line tourist village

marina at belize harbour

cruise ship tourist village

sailboat marina

pier at radisson fort george hotel

cruise ship tourist village

baron bliss lighthouse monument


seaside by the princess hotel and casino

seaside by the princess hotel casino

driving along belize seafront



more photos


local school

belize central bank

mirab furniture store

city hall

the great house

radisson fort george hotel

scotia bank

mayan ruins of belize

number one most visited belize mayan ruin site and closest of the major sites to waterside
xunantunich belize mayan ruin site
second most visited belize mayan ruin site is located in the cayo district of belize


lamanai belize mayan ruin site
third most visited belize mayan ruin site located in the orange walk district of belize, north of the waterside community

cahal pech

fourth most visited mayan site in belize located in the cayo district of belize




caracol belize mayan ruin site
fifth most visited belize mayan ruin site located in the cayo district of belize




caving in belize


cave tubing in belize

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I like that it is reversible and has two pockets. The velvet on these is thick and the drawstring is removable so you can just throw the hangers in the washing machine.

rio on pools

a series of pools made from large boulders and connected by small waterfalls - a great place for swimming

waterfall in belize

1000 foot falls

flora of belize

lush canopy providing shade and beauty in waterside


high canopy

bird watching

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horseback riding

fishing in one of the streams

canoeing through the rainforest

horse grazing by the river on the way to waterside




equal opportunity housing

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